User-Interface, Interaction & Visual Designer.

I craft beautiful user-interfaces for mobile app start-ups so they can exceed their business goals.

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What I do

Interaction Design

I envision how people will experience a product and bring to life refined, inspired experiences with the goal of leaving a lasting impression. I think in terms of user flows and create mockups of the user interface.

Visual Design

Elegant use of colour, space, typography, iconography and illustrations helps people navigate a product that is original and aesthetically intuitive. Motion influences interaction design and I use it to reduce confusion, guide the user and make the experience fun.

Rapid Prototyping

Using tools like Invision, Principle and Sketch, I can implement my own user-flows and interactions. Ideas can be quickly tested out and the best solution can be found for the desired experience.


I’ve had the opportunity to work on an array of projects in a variety of industries, bringing value to a range of user types.

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“Communication was very easy and efficient, Imran was always available when any changes needed to be made. Not only did he produce, but he contributed ideas which were current in today's UX & UI landscape which improved the design immensely. Very happy with the outcome and I look forward to seeing the app improve as time goes on.

— Cameron Hepple

CEO Explora Mobile

“Imran is an excellent collaborator. What is most important to me when working with someone is sharing a common goal: To elevate the image and the quality of the brand. Because PiqFliq is an app used to share visual mediums, Imran immediately recognised the importance of a compelling design and how perception plays a crucial role in our business strategy. He was extremely creative with a great visual and technical sensibility and was very patient in allowing the design process to unfold organically.”

— Alexander Vandervert

CEO PicFliq & Soberfi

“Very easy to work with, Imran was tuned in the what I wanted visually and functionally. Very happy with the final result. I’d recommend his services.”

— Johnny Tucker

CEO Mothertucker LLC

Your Project

Do you have a world-changing idea for an app, or do you want to improve your existing app? Perhaps you need a prototype to show investors, stakeholders or just your team; I’d love to hear about it!