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Acoustic Stream is a device that allows musicians to record, tune, and most importantly track the humidity, temperature, G-forces and usage of their instruments, and receive alerts when the instrument may be in danger.

My Role

I worked alongside the team to create the user experience for the companion app to give users complete control over the device and its many functions in an intuitive and fun way.



The app consisting essentially of a series of single screen widgets. The challenge was to make each feature stand on its own, whilst uniting them with a design language that was energetic, futuristic and most importantly intuitive.


Users should be able to access the array of different functions with ease and be able to quickly process the data being presented to them at a glance. The interface had to be both intuitive and to aesthetically complement the physical Acoustic Stream device.


Design Language

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Find devices to stream with wirelessly

Perhaps the most challenging aspect of the interface design was making the streaming devices flow as frictionless as possible. After many attempts, a cohesive solution was designed, that is both effective, but also great to look at.

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