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Speed PRO MMO allows players to compete in walking, running, cycling and unclassified games. The app had around 250,000 users with hopes of rising to over a million users.

My Role

I worked alongside the developer to completely redesign the app from scratch. This included creating a fun and punchy user interface, streamlining the user experience and also working on the visual branding to create an effective icon.



The app supports both single-player and multi-player. For single-player games, the app highlights the user's best score shows it at the top of their list.
For multi-player games, the app highlights the best player's score and uses Apple's GameCenter to provide rich networking features such as turn-based and real-time games, leaderboards, messaging, and voice chat. In addition, users can also create & edit breadcrumb trails using GPS and Motion data.


A rudimentary information architecture had already been put into place by the developer. I was provided with schematic wireframes, straight away it was a apparent that the hierarchy would require a lot of thought and work. The majority of the app consists of mapviews and listviews, so it was important to nail their design.


Design Language

The playful and energetic nature of the app directed the colour palette and the iconography. Typography had to be super legible for players to be able to clearly see their current progress in real time at a glance.





Client Feedback

“Very easy to work with, Imran was tuned in the what I wanted visually and functionally. Very happy with the final result. I’d recommend his services.”

— Johnny Tucker

CEO Mothertucker LLC

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